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Multilingual conferences infrared simultaneous intepretation equipment

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Our BOSCH Integrus Infrared Language Distribution System and Bosch Digital Microphone Discussion Unit (DCN Next Generation) Simultaneous Interpretation and language distribution equipment, using a higher frequency band (2 to 8 Mhz) is capable, of offering 32 language channels to satisfy the demands of today's small, medium and large multilingual conferences.

Our Equipment

Our Bosch brand equipment is guaranteed to provide all your conference needs.

Our Capacity

Bosch DCN wired Central Control Unit (CCU)

Capable of controlling up to 245 contribution units(Chairman, delegates, interpreters

Bosch integrus Digital Infrared Transmitter

Transmits, in real time, all language and audio inputs to CCU.

Bosch Interpreter Consoles (4 units)

Each can interprete into 32 languages, has an audio band width of 20knz, boasts of the latest technology including speak slowly facility to alert the speaker to slow down. Conforms to ISO 2603

Bosch DCN Discussion Units with Dual Channel Selectors)

50 units for 102 Delegates

Bosch Integrus High-Power 32 channels Radiators (2 units)

Each covering up to 2,000m2 transmitting in a 2-8MHZ frequency band to distribute wireless infrared signals covering small, medium to the largest conference venues

Integrus 32 Channels Digital Infrared Receivers

155 pieces expandable. Ergonomically designed to incorporate the latest electronics technology to ensure maximum performance, long battery life, freedom of movement and clarity of massage.

Bosch Lightweight Headphones

High quality sound production.

Interpreter Booths

  • Soundproof in conformity with ISO agreed standard.
  • Table Top
  • Our Technicians

    Highly Efficent and Reliable

    Skilled, experienced and always at hand to ensure proper equipment set-up, seamless running of components and courteous assistance to participants in using equipment

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